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The choice of a bilingual educational proposal stems from the desire to offer a unique school in the area and from the obvious advantages that this path can guarantee for the growth of future citizens of the world. Through various studies conducted by researchers, bilingualism represents a wealth because:


  • It allows the child to deal with two languages ​​and therefore two different cultures , learning a greater tolerance towards the other too.


  • At a linguistic level, knowing more than one language allows the child to have a greater awareness of the structure and functioning of languages (eg greater metalinguistic awareness and in learning other languages).


  • It has positive effects on selective attention and therefore the ability to focus on relevant information and inhibit non-relevant information.


Due to the still widespread misinformation, it can sometimes happen that any learning difficulties manifested by the child are mistakenly attributed to bilingualism and therefore the family is advised to expose the child to only one language. This is a wrong prejudice: bilingualism has no negative influence on the school experience. On the contrary, numerous studies have shown that bilingual development offers significant cognitive benefits and can make children more predisposed to learning other foreign languages.

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