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It is part of JCBS's Mission to pay special attention to the issues that will shape the future of children in their adult life.

In compliance with this criterion, JCBS places nutrition as a fundamental part of the educational and developmental process . Through the experience of the educational garden, children learn about the life cycle of foods, their seasonality and origin, acquiring awareness and respect for the environment and nature.


The internal kitchen favors and supports this process, allowing special attention to be paid to the food culture based on " Healthy Food " and offering a quality canteen service for the choice of products and a diet attentive to the balance of the elements that compose it , to the respect for the seasonality of food and the reduction of meat consumption in favor of the introduction of the various proteins present in nature.

Even in the canteen, as for the rest of the school activities, JCBS aims to eliminate the use of disposable plastic materials such as dishes and water containers, for which special purifiers are provided to reduce waste and waste for respect and well-being of children and the environment.


All the activities of the internal canteen guarantee the nutritional balance of meals according to the parameters defined by the ATS , favor the adoption of correct eating habits and contribute to a balanced diet .


During the time of the canteen, the children have lunch inside the school and at the end there is a break time.

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