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Baby College , Nursery School and bilingual Infant School, was born in 2007 and develops an innovative teaching that places the child at the center of its educational project , aiming to synergistically reconcile the educational objectives set by the Italian Ministry of Education with those of the English National Curriculum. This integration makes it possible to increase knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon culture and, at the same time, to enhance and safeguard the Italian cultural identity.


To ensure educational continuity, Junior College Bilingual School was born, an equal primary school, which intends to be a reference point for the bilingual model, placing itself as a center of excellence in the field of education.


Thanks to the use of the English language for 50% of the school time, the child grows up developing a bilingual mind.


Bilingualism, in addition to the natural ability to pass from one language to another, implies mental flexibility, speed of reasoning and openness to the unknown, diversity, the propensity for exploration and knowledge.

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