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JCBS makes collaboration , cooperation and integration principles of didactic-pedagogical inspiration.


The twinning project with the South African school , Istituto Laura Vicuna Primary School in Finetown near Johannesburg, was created to offer students a concrete opportunity to confront realities that differ not only in terms of culture and ethnicity, but also in the political-social sphere .

This project is realized in moments of meeting via Skype in which the students can see each other, get to know each other, talk to each other, ask questions and give each other answers being active protagonists of the exchange, this makes the comparison immediate, real and tangible.


Children among themselves demonstrate a great ability to perceive each other's needs, offering mutual support and help by demonstrating cooperation, collaboration and empathy.


The objectives of JCBS are linked to the enhancement of a global approach to the world around us by promoting empathy, curiosity, comparison and reflection on what happens outside our daily lives in order to make the concept of solidarity tangible.

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