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The service acts as a support for the growth of individuals in developmental age and for the well-being of individuals and families ; the activities of the experts are aimed at helping to manage the various psychological and educational problems that arise during growth, in order to promote the harmonious and integral development of all the child's potential, whether they are cognitive, psychomotor, emotional and relational.


· Observations in class and screening , also through the use of specific tests according to the objectives and the age of the students, in order to identify possible difficulties in the requirements of reading and writing early.


· Counseling to teachers , to support them in their relationship with children and help them in the management of classroom dynamics, provide didactic-educational strategies, develop and enhance problem solving strategies.


· Parent counseling, aimed at supporting parenting skills and family well-being. The service is especially designed to improve communication and the parent-child relationship and to face any difficulties in the various developmental areas (interpersonal relationships, emotional experiences, school difficulties, etc.).

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