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The mission of JCBS is to offer each child a path tailored to him, guaranteeing him all the tools to become a citizen capable of making his own contribution to the society in which he will live as an adult; to train free, responsible and participating subjects in social, territorial, national and international life, promoting the development of the person, at a cognitive, emotional and moral level.


JCBS has as its ultimate goal the harmonious and integral development of the person in his individual and social dimensions, the promotion of knowledge, respect and enhancement of diversities and individual identities, laying the foundations for a training course that can last a lifetime.


JCBS pays special attention to the issues that will constitute the future of today's children in their adult life, such as the reduction of air pollution, the decrease in the waste of materials and food, the food culture based on "Healthy Food" and the reduced consumption of meat, attention to the environment and the planet, the elimination of the use of plastic; all issues that are the subject of continuous impetus, both in the education of children and in business development.

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